Welcome to my new & fresh blog where I share everything you need to know about Sicily. Who I am? My name is Nicolas and I am very excited to share with you a lot of beautiful places around the island. I was born and raised i in Salemi (TP) Sicily and my dreams always have been to travel the world and living in the USA. At the age of 22 I left Sicily and I flew to England to learn English; I lived there for about 2 years before moving to Ibiza where I had worked for three season in a row and now currently living in New York City.  In 2017 I opened my Instagram page called “Visit__Sicily”  and over the years it has grown, and it has become what is probably several books worth of insights and experiences about Sicily and various other related topics. “Sharing is caring” is the guiding principle of my page. Share the beauty of my homeland, so that all people, from all over the world, may have the opportunity of visiting it. Share the experiences of slow tourism, to let you savor the tastes, smells and scents, unmistakable and loved all over the world Share the ancient Sicilian recipes, of our grandmothers, so that everyone can savor the unmistakable tastes of the Sicilian tradition In this blog you will finding plenty of practical information and a lot of stuff you would never find in a travel guide . This page is for the people who enjoy a good story, good places, laugh and food. So, what can I say now? Enjoy Sicily


  1. Karen says:

    Thank you Nicolas. Your Sicilian enthusiasm is infectious. I have spent coronavirus lockdown in Australia (where we have been fortunate to have few cases but no travel overseas permitted) watching your Insta posts and dreaming of a holiday to Sicily. When we can travel it is the first place I am going too!

    • Nicolas says:

      Thank you Karen ! I try to show as much as i can about our culture and tradition, again i thank you so much for following us and taking your time to leave us a comment. And if you ever come to Sicily don’t hesitate to contact us ciao

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