Have you ever heard of “Street food” in Palermo? Do you know how many things you could eat just walking on the street, in Palermo? Street food is the essence of the city, the essence of tradition, the essence of a walk in a Sicilian city, the essence of a visit to … Palermo! What is the typical food that you can find on the street in Palermo? Let’s Start!“PANE E PANELLE” “ are one of the typical street food that you can find in Palermo’s kiosks. They are made of very few ingredients: chickpea flour, water, parsley and salt! From the dough they get squares or rectangles that are fried and then served with salt and lemon. They can be eaten alone or inside a sandwich with sesame seed… and here we are: “Panino & Panelle” is served! You can also add potato croquettes and the sandwich becomes


“PANI CA MEUSA” If you stroll down the street, especially near markets like Vucciria, you’ll be able to meet the kiosks that make a sandwich with spleen! The spleen is boiled and browned in lard and then served in classic sesame sandwiches. They can serve it alone with lemon or with caciocavallo (a typical sicilian cheese) 


“SFINCIONE” It’s not a pizza, it’s not a focaccia, it’s something more! The “sfincione” resembles a very soft and tall focaccia, seasoned with tomato and onion sauce, oregano, caciocavallo (hard cheese) , breadcrumbs and anchovies. You can also find it with potatoes, a real pleasure!!!! When to eat the “sfincione”? All the time. Whether it is mid-morning, lunch, snack or dinner, the sfincione is always a good idea. And it must be strictly eaten on the street, perhaps walking through the “Quattro Canti”, or on your way to the Cathedral. You will instantly recognize street vendors: you will hear them screaming: “CIAVURU, CHI CIAVURU CHI C’E’! UORA U SFURNAVU UORAAA!!” (What a scent! Smelling good in there!! Now I churned it out, now!)


ARANCINE If you are in Palermo or in general, in western Sicily, Arancina is FEMALE. There is a great controversy related to this typical food, because in Palermo it is ARANCINA while in Catania it is said ARANCINO. The classics are with meat sauce (called “accarne”) and butter (called “ABBURRO”);in the latter, inside, there are ham and béchamel, sometimes even peas. If you go to place like “KEPALLE” you will be able to taste all kinds and flavors of Arancine! You must know that during the Festival of Saint Lucia, on December 13, in Palermo, you eat Arancine and Cuccia (wheat cooked with ricotta!). The arancine in particular, are cooked in a thousand ways: you can find them with fish, with pistachio, with nutella … In short, of all tastes!

In all the bars and bakeries you will, then, find the ROSTICCERIA You will often hear about “pieces” (Pezzo in italian), in fact the rotisserie is composed of pieces like:

• Rolled with wurstels (brioche’s dough, with lard inside),


• “Ravazzate” (always pan brioche with the meat sauce inside),


• Baked and fried breeches (the filling is made of ham and mozzarella but can be baked or fried!) and they are called “Calzoni”

STIGGHIOLA This is a MUST of Street Food in Palerm! The “Stigghiola” represents an icon that is impossible to give up. Stigghiola is a lamb’s soft gut roll, washed in water and salt and then rolled around a spring onion! It is, then, roasted on a grid (You can immediately recognize peddlers because they are surrounded with smoke) They will serve Stigghiola with a little salt and lemon, so TASTY!

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